Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sunday traditions in Rome

This weekend I was not able to explore London because I was back home in Rome. Even though I love London, there are some things I miss terribly, one of these being Sunday breakfast with my dad.
Ever since I can remember, me and my father have had our own little tradition of driving every Sunday morning all the way to a neighbourhood called Prati, just to have breakfast. It takes us a good 20 minute drive to get there, but there is something so peaceful about Sundays in Rome, that it makes the drive very enjoyable.

The bar where the breakfast actually happens after the drive is always the same one, Antonini, one of my favorites because of it’s old fashioned looks and its large selection of sweet and salty foods.       
I would say that their specialty is cakes and their ‘tartine’, small salty pastries with all kinds of  flavours; topped with things like lardo di Colonnata, truffles and bottarga, a salted dry fish. But my favorite is their tramezzini, a special kind of Italian sandwich, very similar to a toast.

On Sunday mornings the bar fills up with people, some having breakfast, some reading the newspaper at the the tables outside and some buying pastries for after lunch (another Italian tradition). So if you ever happen to be in Rome on a Sunday, this is definitely a must; in the meantime I will continue  having English breakfast until the next time I go back home.   

The tartine


Sunday pastries




  1. I always wondered where you went.

  2. Looks familiar!!! Have I ever been there?
    Beautiful fotos!!!

  3. Very cool! and some nice photographs too! I am sure you will find some great places for breakfast in London, but Roma will always be your home, and nothing beats breakfast with dad in Prati I am sure.

  4. I absolutely have to try Antonini's tramezzini, they look fantastic! My favourite ones on the other side of Tevere are at Luperini, close to piazza Sempione!

  5. Bewitching food, lovely photos. Are you able to provide a link? If I was in London what would be the closest breakfast experience I could have to this one in Rome that you recommend? Nicola

  6. I told your mom I love your writing and your photos.

    Antonini's has fantastic little pastries. They are also sold at another cafe in Prati closer to the Center. I can't remember the name of the bridge but it's the one by the Ara Pacis