Monday, 24 October 2011

Art in Regent's park

Living in London gives me the chance to explore all kinds of art, with an incredible amount of museums, fairs and galleries spread all over the city. Last week I managed to make it to the last day of  Frieze Art Fair.
Frieze is an annual contemporary art fair, that takes place each October in London’s Regent Park. The fair features more than 170 contemporary art galleries, massive collection of works from hundreds of international artists from literally all over the world. It does take almost a full day to get through the whole fair, and luckily there are a few cafe's and restaurants within the fair itself to keep your energy going.
I personally had never been to anything like it, and truly enjoyed it. The ticket was expensive, but for the amount of art I got to see, it was worth it. Even if you are not a big modern art lover, you are bound to find something you like and want to desperately take home with you.

The fair went from Thursday 13th of October until Sunday 16th of October, and will be held again next year.


  1. What a great art show!!! Love the blue light bulbs.

  2. You're so lucky you got to go. I've always wanted to, but never been. Maybe next year?

  3. Hey Sophie

    this looks great, congratulations! I'll be reading every blog, keep it up.

  4. Love your new blog! The show looked fabulous and so colorful!

  5. Great photos - you definitely found some interesting art. Nicola