Monday, 24 October 2011

A little bit of Italy in London

Thanks to my good friend Fiore, I recently discovered a small Italian restaurant in the heart of South Kensington called Cacciari.
Some of you might be thinking "but London is full of Italian places, what makes this so special?". Well, what impressed me is the true authenticity of it, i truly felt like i was back in Italy.
All the waitresses are Italian (they also speak english), and the place just has that laid-back feeling restaurants and bars have back home; nobody seems to be in a rush and 80% of the customers seem to be Italians. They are specialized in a thing called 'piadine', a thin Italian flat bread typically from a region called Romagna, they are usually considered a savoury snack, but at Cacciari you will find their own dessert version stuffed with creamy Nutella.
The owner is a young Italian and decorated the place himself, i absolutely love how the place is decorated and considering it's situated in South Kensington, the prices are extremely cheap!
I have also tried their pasta and absolutely loved it, everytime I go it really feels like being back home, definitely worth a visit if you find yourself to be in the lovely area that South Ken is!

Savoury piadina
some decorations ont he way to the bathroom (which is also extremely cool)

Piadina filled with creamy Nutella


  1. That nutella dessert looks yummmmy. Think I'll try to make something similar

  2. Looks delicious! Hope we go there the next time we're in London.

  3. This crepe looks delicious. I didn't know South Ken had some Italian places, I thought it was more of a French area. I'll defo check it out if I'm around.
    Have you ever tried Vapiano though? I know it's a chain so might be less authentic but their food's so goooooood lol

  4. Wow.. this is a true treat for the London Foodie!