Monday, 15 April 2013

Sophia Loren and 'La pizza fritta'

Here is a clip of the beautiful Sophia Loren making pizze fritte in the alleys of Naples. Directed by De Sica in 1954, the movie is composed of 6 different episodes. In this episode which is called Pizze a Credito Sophia Loren and her husband have a stall were they sell 'pizze a credito', meaning you could eat right away and pay when you had the money "mangi subito e paghi tra otto giorni'.
I love this scene, I love Naples, and I love Sophie Loren!


  1. (I don't know if it came through earlier)

    Loved that clip Sophie!!

    I almost smelled la pizza fritta, it's like you just opened for us a time capsule!

    Greetings from Istanbul!

  2. Thanks Angelis, I know this scene is amazing!