Monday, 22 April 2013

Pasta al tonno (with a twist)

Whenever there is no time to shop and there is the need to make a meal from whatever I have sitting in my cabinet I resort to the simple and quick Pasta al Tonno, in other words pasta with tuna.
Most people will always have a can of tuna and a pack of pasta (Italians will for sure) sitting in their pantry so this should be easy for everyone.
While I usually use Tuna to make this dish, this time I didn't have a can of tuna but I had a beautiful box of Mackerel I had brought back from Italy a while ago. This works just as well, if not better.
The thing I love about this pasta dish is that you cook the sauce while the past is cooking, meaning that it all takes about 5 minutes!

Here is this simple recipe:

(for 2 people)
1 clove garlic
some cherry tomatoes
1 can tuna
200 grams of pasta (I prefer a shorter shape)

-Boil a pot of water
-Chop up the garlic and let cook until golden
-Add the cherry tomatoes (cut in half) and the can of tuna (drained)

-You can add a drop of white wine to the sauce

There are many other ways you can vary this recipe, here are just a few things you could add if you like or have them sitting around:

Black olives
Lemon Grind

Buon Appetito!

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