Thursday, 1 December 2011

Lovely day in Brighton

Even though I love London, I get extremely overwhelmed by it and often feel like I need to give my brain a rest from all of its chaos. Yesterday I decided to finally take a day trip outside of London and give my brain a rest in Brighton.
I had heard only good things about the seaside town and was extremely excited to explore, and eat some fish of course. It only took a 15 pound one hour journey to get there, and there are trains about every half an hour.
We walked down the Pier, which was empty (probably because it was a Wednesday morning); ate fish and chips at a pub, got a great look at the burnt pier, the Pavilion, and got to do some fun rides. At the end of the day we walked around Brighton’s small central streets which are full of shops, my absolute favorite was ‘Dirty Harry’ an amazing vintage store where I managed to pick up two vintage Hooter t-shirts and an old Adidas sweatshirt.
While walking along the beach I found a small stand that sold things like Oysters and Mussels ready to eat right there, they also had ‘Jellied Eel’ which I had never seen or heard of in my life, unfortunately I wasn’t brave enough to try it and just stuck to Oysters, which were absolutely fresh and delicious.
I was extremely impressed with the Pavilion, which my dad recommended to go see. It looks totally misplaced, like someone just took a building from somewhere in India and plopped it in Brighton. It’s huge and amazingly beautiful.
The one mistake I made was to go on the pier’s rides (which are quite harsh on the stomach) right after a huge meal of Fish and Chips, but apart from that Brighton was the perfect place for a brain rest. Oh remember to bring a scarf and gloves, the sea breeze is absolutely freezing!

My vintage bargain!


  1. Ok thats it I AM GOING TO BRIGHTON! £15 for a day in somewhere else? Thats the best thing I heard about the sea side so far, thanks so much!

  2. I don't like Brighton at all (sorry), but you've made your day out look so much fun - and of course the fish is delicious. Next time have the jellied eels, as British as mince pies....

  3. I went to university in Brighton, Love it there!

    You didn't miss out on anything good with the jellied eels!! My Grandfather would disagree but he grew up on rations :)