Monday, 22 October 2012

Turkish Breakfast

I've never liked eating anything remotely sweet for breakfast, so im always excited to see what people have for breakfast when I travel to other countries. In Spain, I loved the Pan y Tomate (literally bread with tomatoes), but it was when I traveled to Istanbul that I found my perfect breakfast: Turkish Breakfast.
In Italy, it is extremely rare for people to eat a big breakfast, and it usually consists of a cornetto and cappuccino, rarely do people make a more 'salty' choice.
Turkish breakfast usually consists of: cheese (feta, or any kind you prefer), olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, some kind of cold-cut meat, and an egg. I usually have mine without the meat, and with a boiled egg, in an attempt to make it healthier; all comes with a piece of bread (I choose brown).
I'm sure   any Italian would be horrified to know that I like to have cucumbers and olives for breakfast, but I dont care, it still remains my favourite breakfast!

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