Monday, 11 June 2012

Word on the Water

I haven't been the only one enjoying an internship, my room-mate has happily been interning on a boat. Yes, she has been spending her days on London's only book barge, that sails across London selling books to happy people. This book barge is the living proof that there still are some people out there who love a good bound paper book, and not the Ipad or Iphone version. The barge is a beautiful 1920's art deco one, but the best part is the barge's crew. Three friends run the boat, with the captain being a man named Paddy. There are two lovely cats that make their way through the books and are always up for a belly rub. Most of the books are second-hand ones, some are very rare and all prices are extremely reasonable. Since they only like to stay in one place for two weeks, you can find out where they are going to be moving next through their Twitter account. If it's a nice day they will also have live music on the top of the barge. I would say that making a visit to Word on the Water on a sunny day is one of the most fun experiences i have had in London.

07976 886982

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  1. I am so THERE! I can't wait for the next free day to take my bibliophile teenage daughter. Thanks!