Sunday, 4 March 2012

Helping Anissa cook dinner

A while ago I was lucky enough to help Anissa cook a meal for her Arab Supper club night, as part of my internship. She hosted this beautiful Emirati-inspired meal at her lovely home and I was so fortunate to be able to help. I had never really assisted anyone preparing and cooking food from this part of the world and was completely amazed by the amount, beauty and smell of al the spices. The menu started off with two different kinds of kofthas, one of fish and one of meat. The main was a baby goat that we let marinate in a mixture of spices and rose water, accompanied by a beautiful biryani rice. On the side, there was a simple green salad dressed with quite a lot of mint, wich really refreshed everything, delicious.
The dessert was a saffron milk pudding with some amazing pistachios (hand-peeled by me). It was truly amazing to be able to help Anissa prepare this meal, and really learnt a lot in just one meal, cant wait for the next one!
(Pictures of the baby goat may be disturbing to some)


  1. I wish there was some way you could have sent me some of the leftovers!

  2. What a fabulous menu - although I hope I'm never asked to cook a baby goat! Nicola

  3. Greetings from Dubai!
    Delicious menu!
    Anissa cooks delicious food!
    Hope you enjoyed & learned